Monday, June 30, 2014

Look out for John!

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, manufacturer of the revolutionary LATICRETE SUPERCAP System, has appointed John P. Forewell as Territory Sales Manager for the province of Ontario, Canada. 

An experienced professional, Forewell brings 15 years of flooring industry knowledge to LATICRETE SUPERCAP, 11 of which he worked for Daltile Corporation as both Commercial Sales Manager and Branch Manager. Additionally, he spent four years at Savoia Canada/Iris Group Spa as an Architectural & National Accounts Manager. 

According to John Sacco, Managing Director of LATICRETE SUPERCAP, "We're excited to have a professional on board like John Forewell and look forward to his success relative to the company’s growth." 

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC is a leading manufacturer of premium self-leveling materials for the building industry. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is a timesaving, cost-effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs that meet or exceed finished flooring tolerances. With a LEED-qualified, low alkali, premium self-leveling, cement-based technology, operated by a patented computer-controlled mobile blending unit (MBU), the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is installed using an exclusive Pump Truck. For more information on The Next Generation Slab™, visit the corporate website:

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hot Weather Installation Considerations

Hot Weather Installation Considerations TDS 176S

Click here to access this Technical Datasheet.

Cement self-leveling underlayments can be permanently damaged when exposed to excessively hot substrates, high ambient air temperature and/or low humidity conditions during application and throughout cure time. Low humidity, high substrate and/or air temperatures can cause rapid setting, reduced working time and can cause water required for cement hydration, curing and strength development to quickly evaporate into the air. Rapid drying may cause cracking and debonding. Primer, moisture mitigation systems and other related products will also be affected by high temperatures. Suitable ambient air and surface conditions must be maintained for successful installations of self-leveling underlayments and most other flooring products. While ambient air temperature is extremely important, it should be noted that substrate temperature, which is often ignored, is even more important and should be closely monitored and recorded throughout the installation and cure time. Areas exposed to direct sunlight through windows or openings can have a significantly higher surface temperature.

LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® applications require the substrate temperature to be maintained between 40-85°F (4-29°C) and air temperature maintained between 50–90°F (10–32°C) during installation and throughout curing.

To estimate the working properties and approximate cure time a simple guideline to follow during high temperatures is “The 18º Rule”, which states that for every 18º (10ºC) above 70ºF (21ºC) cement, latex and epoxy based products working properties including open time, final set time, time to traffic, etc. will be cut in half.

(We have many Technical Datasheets that cover a wide range of topics, click here to view).

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Project References Database

Welcome to the LATICRETE SUPERCAP Project Reference Database! Using the filters or keyword search tools, you can query our extensive database of completed projects that have utilized LATICRETE SUPERCAP products. You can also click the information icon on any row to get further details on the project.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


As Shady Grove Hospital prepared to perform major renovations to a new wing of its medical center, a severe deflection in the underlying concrete slab was noticed. FF numbers were critical since a large part of the renovation was a neonatal unit and the specifications were extremely tight.

East Coast Poured Floors, Inc. was called in to survey and ensure that the day-to-day functions of the hospital would not be interrupted during installation. Utilizing the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® System, nothing but a hose and five men entered the building throughout that entire time.

East Coast poured an average depth of 2.25 inches to fill this deflection and hit the specification with LATICRETE SUPERCAP FAST, without interrupting any hospital functions whatsoever.

LOCATION: Rockville, MD
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Whiting-Turner, Baltimore, MD
INSTALLER: East Coast Poured Floors, INC, Balitmore, MD
FEATURES: 5,000 Square Feet, 2.25” Average Depth

Monday, June 23, 2014

Online LEED Project Certification Assistant

Did you know...?

LATICRETE SUPERCAP Offers Online LEED Project Certification Assistant 

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, manufacturer of the revolutionary self-leveling SUPERCAP System, launches a new LEED Project Certification Assistant, making the specification of “The Next Generation Slab™” for projects quick and easy. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP LEED Project Certification Assistant is an innovative online tool which automatically generates the necessary data for submittals for a LEED project. 

This handy online tool quickly produces a PDF file with details on the LATICRETE SUPERCAP products being used in the project, including the VOC content, recycled content, manufacturing location, raw material sources and GREENGUARD certification. Technical data sheets, and a map showing the location of the upcoming project with a 500-mile radius circle depicting its relation to LATICRETE SUPERCAP manufacturing facilities, are also provided. 

With just a click of the mouse, the LATICRETE SUPERCAP LEED Project Certification Assistant produces detailed and accurate information regarding LEED-compliant installation materials, eliminating a time-consuming process which could take weeks. To utilize this online tool, visit

“We strive to continually provide a high level of service to our customers,” said John Sacco, Managing Director LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, “this online tool cuts out all the research and gathering of information; in less than a minute, all the documentation is there and ready to print.”

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Look Back...

A look back to June 2013 when Intertech Flooring receives its first LATICRETE SUPERCAP Mobile Blending Unit! 

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, manufacturer of the revolutionary LATICRETE SUPERCAP System, announced today delivery of a new SUPERCAP Mobile Blending Unit (SMBU) to Intertech Flooring, a leading provider of commercial flooring products and services throughout Texas and the Southwest. 

"This is very exciting," stated Clint Schramm, Intertech's Vice President of Marketing. "Our Pump Truck was delivered to us on Friday, May 17th and just one week later, on May 24th, we already had our first "pour" of 35,000 square feet, which took place at University Health Service’s Hospital Tower in San Antonio, Texas. We know there will be more to come!" 

According to John Sacco, Managing Director of LATICRETE SUPERCAP, "The combination of Intertech's new SMBU and Integrated Chiller will allow them to pump on days where temperature previously prevented them from pouring. This is just another example of how the ‘Power of the Pump’ can benefit a project." 

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC is a leading manufacturer of premium self-leveling materials for the building industry. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is a timesaving, cost-effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs that meet or exceed finished flooring tolerances. 

With a LEED-qualified, low alkali, premium self-leveling, cement-based technology, operated by a patented computer-controlled mobile blending unit (MBU), the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is installed using an exclusive Pump Truck. For more information on The Next Generation Slab™, visit the corporate website:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Substrate Preparation & Priming

We have Technical Datasheets that cover many topics, here's an except for substrate preparation and priming Technical Datasheet.


Substrate preparation is the most important factor to a successful LATICRETE SUPERCAP installation. While it is not possible to cover all of the conditions that may exist on every project, this guide will cover substrate preparation for some of the more common conditions found on most projects. 

The LATICRETE SUPERCAP applicator is responsible for ensuring that the substrate is properly prepared prior to the installation of LATICRETE SUPERCAP products. Any conditions discovered prior to or during preparation and installation must be brought to the attention of the project construction manager or general contractor immediately to remediate the condition and bring the affected areas into compliance. The project specifications should be consulted for any special substrate preparation or conditions that may apply. 

Prior to LATICRETE SUPERCAP product application either the permanent building envelope or a temporary building enclosure must be in place to provide a suitable ambient temperature range and protection from weather and direct sunlight. LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC recommends that existing concrete slab core samples be analyzed by an independent lab for contaminants, structural soundness and other deleterious compounds that may act as bond breakers.

View the rest of this Technical Datasheet by clicking here.
Click here to view the Technical Datasheets available. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New York Project


Utilizing “The Power of the Pump Truck” proved to be a wise decision at 270 Greenwich Street in Manhattan.

Tight finish tolerances on this project made it a challenge to both the Owner and the G.C. to create a high-end, finished product.

Pyramid Floor Covering of Port Washington was hired by the Super Structure contractor to ensure the concrete slabs would be brought into specification at the right elevation.

Curtain wall specification had to meet exact points. Pyramid’s LATICRETE SUPERCAP®specialists are equipped with a Levelmaster system, which enables them to conduct an exact survey prior to the build-out, and ensure that all trades hit the same elevation while keeping the project on time... and, on budget.

  • LOCATION: New York, NY 
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: H.R.H. Construction Corp, New York, NY 
  • ARCHITECT: Skidmore, Owens & Merril, New York, NY 
  • FEATURES: 614,500 Square Feet, 38 Floors, 2 Buildings

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Come to You!

Interested in becoming a LATICRETE SUPERCAP Applicator? We have motivated and specialized Technical Sales Reps available to come to you to discuss the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System. This system combines a LEED contributing, GREENGUARD certified, low alkali, self leveling cement-based technology with a computer controlled mobile blending unit (the pump truck).

Why not have a look through some of our recent news items and read why other business have decided to partner with LATICRETE SUPERCAP.

Contact us on 866-704-2247 or click here for more information on LATICRETE SUPERCAP.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Partnership with Allegheny Contract

A recap from July 2012: LATICRETE SUPERCAP Enters Into Partnership with Allegheny Contract.

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC, manufacturer of the revolutionary self-leveling SUPERCAP®System, has announced that Allegheny Contract of Winchester, MA is the company's newest applicator. Allegheny Contract has been one of New England’s preeminent commercial flooring contractors for more than six decades. 

Allegheny became very interested in the many benefits offered by the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System. “Our surface prep division has really taken off,” stated Jim Burke, President of Allegheny Contract. “Moisture mitigation in concrete is a serious issue, and the SUPERCAP System with its high-tech Pump Truck will help us to deal with that problem effectively.” Burke believes that by having the Pump Truck, his company will be able to take an even greater and more proactive approach to moisture mitigation than what was being implemented in the past. . 

Burke also commented that partnering with LATICRETE SUPERCAP will help Allegheny better solve any problems related to floor flatness and overall floor leveling. "By using the Pump Truck, we can save customers time dealing with those issues. Not only will having this process make Allegheny's commercial concrete jobs easier to implement, ultimately they will be more efficient and therefore more cost-effective on a long-term basis." 

LATICRETE SUPERCAP is a leading manufacturer of premium self-leveling materials for the building industry. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System is a time-saving, cost-effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs that meet or exceed finished flooring tolerances. The system consists of a LEED-qualified, low alkali, premium self-leveling, cement-based technology that is installed using a patented computer-controlled mobile blending unit. For more information, visit the corporate website:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pumping into a BMW DEALERSHIP!


LATICRETE SUPERCAP had the opportunity to demonstrate to Foushee and Associates (one of Seattle’s leading general contractors) the amazing power of our state-of-the-art system. The project was challenging, as floor tolerance specification for the 14,000 s/f showroom was stringent. Time was of the essence, as well; we were asked to help engineer a solution. The floor was surveyed to determine the exact quantity of material necessary to achieve the ceramic tile specification of (1/8” in 10’). In just two days, the substrate was cleaned, set to grade with level pegs, primer applied, and poured, with an average of 3/4” of LATICRETE SUPERCAP Regular.

The first day was spent surveying, setting elevation pins and priming. The second day we poured. Just seven days later, with an average FF of 71, the tile installation started!

  • LOCATION: Seattle, WA
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Foushee and Associates, Bellevue, WA
  • ARCHITECT: Perkins Eastman, AIA, New York, NY
  • FEATURES: 14,000 Square Feet, 3/4” Average Depth

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A single product designed for many applications


LATICRETE SUPERCAP Primer Plus is a premium quality, water-based solution containing acrylic polymers and selected surface activation agents which penetrate deep into the substrate and maximize bond strength. LATICRETE SUPERCAP Primer Plus can be used on a wide range of substrates including concrete, VCT, exterior glue plywood, quarry tile, ceramic tile and stone – A single product designed for many applications.

Click here to view the complete range of LATICRETE SUPERCAP products.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Game Changing Pump Truck

Watch how this game changing pump truck delivers as close to the perfect floor as you can get. Saving core & shell construction costs up to 25%. Now you can accomplish what used to take days - in just hours. Better, faster, cleaner, greener.

The SUPERCAP System - is a time-saving, cost-effective method in finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

St Ignatius Church, Baltimore, MD

East Coast Poured Floors, Inc. was brought in to resolve the many elevation and substrate changes within Baltimore’s St. Ignatius Church, a 100-plus year old house of worship.

LATICRETE SUPERCAP FAST was specified in particular for its quick drying time, low prep and high compressive strength. Approximately 4,000 square feet in the entry rooms, chapel, sacristy, reception and meeting rooms were pumped with LATICRETE SUPERCAP FAST… and, all of these areas were 100% ready for finished flooring goods the very next day!

One truck, two hours and we were done. “This incredible, God-sent system saved the day!” noted one of the clergymen. Once again, East Coast Poured Floors and “The Power of the Pump” teamed up for a successful, high-performance, time and cost-efficient installation.

  • LOCATION: Balitmore, MD
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Hayes Construction, Baltimore, MD
  • INSTALLER: East Coast Poured Floors, Inc, Balitmore, MD
  • FEATURES: 4,000 Square Feet

Monday, June 9, 2014

Single Coat Moisture Vapor Control

LATICRETE SUPERCAP Moisture Vapor Control

Moisture Vapor Control is a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs prior to installing LATICRETE SUPERCAP underlayment.

  • Can be applied over new concrete in as little as 5 days.
  • Fast cure – ability to apply finish floor goods or LATICRETE SUPERCAP underlayments in as soon as 12 hours.
  • Low odor.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with LATICRETE SUPERCAP underlayments as well as non-water based adhesives for hardwood, vinyl, carpet and tile.

Click here to read more.

Friday, June 6, 2014

More GREAT Photos of UHS Hospital in San Antonio, TX

We had such a great response to the first great photo we posted of the LATICRETE SUPERCAP Pump Truck in action on this project. We found some more great photos of this project!

Architect: Perkins & Will 
GC: Vaughn Construction 
GC: Layton Construction
GC: Zachery Construction

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Check Out Our Brochure

Check out the LATICRETE SUPERCAP brochure for concise information in the convenience of a brochure. Great to take to job sites or meetings!

Click here to view and download the brochure.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bravern Project, Bellevue, WA

The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System was chosen by Skanska along with various GCs and flooring contractors at the Bravern site. We were asked to use their expertise and technology to go deep, pour overnight, hit very tight flooring specifications, go from the top down, match all entrance and hallway elevations, all without damaging the finished spaces or interfering with other trades at the site.

The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System was able to shine, using our custom-built Pump Truck/Mobile Blending Unit to pour at record speeds from street level. This allowed the contractors to complete the job prior to the projected deadline, which in turn allowed finished flooring goods to be installed much earlier than if traditional self leveling methods had been utilized. The flooring contractors loved the smooth, hard and flat surface.

  • LOCATION: Seattle, WA 
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Foushee and Associates, Bellevue, WA 
  • ARCHITECT: Perkins Eastman, AIA, New York, NY 
  • FEATURES: 14,000 Square Feet, 3/4” Average Depth

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Technical Data Sheet for Every Situation

We have comprehensive Technical Data Sheets for LATICRETE SUPERCAP which can be found here, as well as the many general and specific LATICRETE Technical Data Sheets which can be found here.

Monday, June 2, 2014